2019 by Dylon North

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My name is Dylon North, I am a photographer from the Greater Toronto Area. 

I enjoy various types of photography and am still finding what my niche is. Part of me loves that I haven't found how I want to pursue photography as a career yet because I am in love with every aspect of being behind the camera and interacting with people, being able to create memories together, but also being able to do things on my own in the studio and come out with interesting and creative images.

This website is made mainly to show my portfolio and my growth as a photographer throughout the next year, as well as instead of posting my images on a stock website I have decided to sell stock images on my own website, as well as prints which are available in the top menu. 

I will be soon making myself available for hire, and am definitely interested in taking conversations with anyone about opportunities! Please feel free to contact me in my contact box below!